How To Flash Sony Xperia Using Sony Flashtool

How To Flash Sony Xperia Using Sony Flashtool

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Guide To Install Stock Rom on Sony Xperia Via Sony Flashtool, For Flash Tested TFT Flash File, Update, Or Just Factory Reset


1- Install drivers for your Sony Xperia
You need to ensure that your PC has all of the necessary drivers installed for your Sony Xperia device. The best way to do this is to install Sony PC Companion, for S1Boot Drivers just fellow our guide to how install correct drivers in download area.
Make sure you connect your Xperia to the PC before starting the process to download the necessary USB and ADB drivers. The best way to do this is to power off your Sony Xperia and then connect to your PC whilst holding the volume down button.

2-Install Sonytool
A-Download and install Flashtool from the official website (link above in download area)

B-Install Sonytool drivers from the following location: ‘C:\Flashtool\drivers’
Tick the “Flashmode Drivers” and “Fastboot Drivers” and driver for your device to install.

3-Firmware download and location (where to put): very important
-copy firmware.ftf (firmware.ftf download link in download area) and paste it in ‘‘Firmwares” folder (following location 'C:\Documents\Firmwares’ for newest flashtool versions or User/User/.flashtool or just create your own folder name it "Firmwares".

4-Prepare Flash settings in SonyTool:
First of all, open Sony Flashtool and then click on the lightning bolt in the top left of Flashtool as highlighted below.

Select “Flashmode” and click “OK”.

Now Windows shows up, use it only if you put tft firmware in document/ firmwares from step 3, tap on 3 dots (...), then go to the "Firmwares" folder, and Click Open, then chose the right model the one you will work on it in Firmwares Tab

If you want to retain your apps, data and media (photos, videos, music, locks), then ensure that the “USERDATA” option within the “Wipe” pane is unticked. 
However, we recommend that when upgrading a major new Android version, a clean install is the way to go. In this case, tick all options under the “Wipe” pane. This will wipe all of your data though including your photos and videos, so please ensure you have these backed up elsewhere. 
note: If you want to reset screen lock, then ensure that "USERDATA" option within the "Wipe" pane is ticked.

Flashtool will then indicate that it is “preparing files for flashing”.

You may have to wait for the pop-up below to appear. 

Once it does, you should now connect your Sony Xperia device. Make sure the device is powered off and then hold the ‘volume down’ button Connect USB cable. Once the pop-up disappears and flashing starts, you can let go of the ‘volume down’ button.

Flashtool will then start the flashing process.

Once you see “Flashing finished” as indicated below, your Sony Xperia has been successfully flashed.

Remove usb cable, press power button untill you sense a vibration, just wait few minutes for phone to fully powers on.

Or Fellow Video Tutorial how to use Sony Flashtool:

Congratulations you have just installed Android OS for your sony xperia phone, go to setting to check the current version!