Wiko Fever: How to Flash Wiko Flashtool

Wiko Fever: How to Flash Wiko Flashtool

Guide To Flash (Update) Wiko Fever Android V31 Marshmallow Via Wiko Flashtool
Wiko Fever Flash Marshmallow 6.0 Via Wiko Flashtool

  • A Wiko original usb cable.
  • Phone must be charged up to 70% to avoid unexpected issues during the flash process.
  • You need a Laptop or PC to perform this Action.
  • Download the right firmware for your Mtk Smartphone from the link bellow.
  • Make sure you have followed the steps properly. Don’t Skip and Read!
  • We are not responsible for any damage that you make to your Phone.

Why you need to flash (restore the original rom):
you need to flash your Wiko phone in this possible cases:
  • Get latest official update for your Wiko smartphone.
  • System is slow and crash all the time.
  • Unwanted applications (installed without permisson & take a place within system apps).
  • Sexual Contents and apps.
  • Remove different locks such as pattern, pin, password, Gmail.
  • Phone restarts
  • If you think you need to flash Wiko phone for any other reason, just fellow our guide carefully.

Step 1: Preparation
Turn off the phone (its battery must be fully charged)
Micro USB cable (supplied in the box)

CAUTION! Before you begin the update of your phone, be sure to back up all your per
sonal data (save all your contacts in your SIM card and your pictures on your PC). The upgrade erases all data and resets your phone.

Step 2: Download update package

Download Fever Wiko Flasher FROM HERE

Step 3: Launching the update software
Extract the installation file on your desktop

Run the installation software 

A security message appears on your screen, click "Install this driver anyway" in or-
der to load the driver. (See image below)

If driver didn't install automatically, then fellow our guide to install neccessary flash driver manually From Here.

An installation window opens, (the installation may take up to 5 minutes)

Step 4: Installing the update
1. When the software starts, click "Download Button" 

2. When the « Download» button turns green connect your turned off phone to
your PC using the USB cable.
Download mode: Just fully power off phone & plug usb cable in.

3. The update process begins ...

4. The update is now completed, disconnect the phone from your PC. Restart your phone.

Or fellow video tutorial on video bellow:

You have completed the update.