How To Hard Reset Sony Xperia E1 D2004 D2005 D2104 D2105 KitKat 4.4.2 Via SonyTool Safe Method

How To Hard Reset Sony Xperia E1 D2004 D2005 D2104 D2105 KitKat 4.4.2 Via SonyTool Safe Method

Guide To Factory Reset Sony Xperia E1/ E1 Dual (D2004 D2005 D2104 D2105) KitKat 4.4.2 Via SonyTool Safe Method

As each phone brand uses its own OS proprietary protocols, there isn’t a program works for all kind of android phone. The Sony Xperia Flashtool tries to address the Xperia devices from Sony. This program also allows you to perform bootloader unlock which isn’t very common with flashing tools like this. Furthermore, it supports all the major Operating System variations. You can find Sony flashtool Flasher in download area bellow.

Xperia Flashtool allows you to flash files onto S1 devices which range from Sony Xperia X10 to the latest xperia android phone. The most popular usage of this flashtool is to flash FTF (Flash Tool Firmwares) onto compatible devices that you download using Original firmware or a custom one. Situations where you might find this tool handy includes when you are trying to update your device to a new firmware or are stuck in a bootloop or just to remove phone locks. The Sony Xperia Flashtool allows you some extra benefits as well. We will be discussing them all right below. Also, below, you will be able to find the latest versions of Sony Flash Tool available to download for Windows (XP, 7, 8, 8.1,10), Linux and Mac.

You can download FTF from XperiaFirm unclouded inside Sony Xperia Flashtool. The software itself connects directly with the servers and lets you view all the available firmwares. You can download the latest software or just google it if you can't find the right Version for your phone.
For drivers you find the necessary Sony drivers (fastboot, S1 Flashmode for each sony model, Adb) in the path folders C:\Flashtool\Drivers, install common drivers & the specific driver for your Sony smartphone you want to work on it, you will find a tutorial to how install drivers in download area.

If you need to remove any kind of locks in the Sony Xperia Set, you are not oblige to flash the hole system, just you need to flash userdata partition and ignore uncheck all other partitions in order to hard reset your phone safely.

  • 1-This is for Sony Xperia only.
  • 2-Your device must have 80 percent of battery.
  • 3-You need a Laptop or PC to perform this Action.
  • 4-Download the right firmware for your Xperia device from the link bellow.
  • Back Up your Data to make sure you have data’s in case if something Wrong (This Process won’t loose your data)
  • 5-Make sure you have followed the steps properly. Don’t Skip and Read!
  • 6-We are not responsible for any damage that you make to your Phone
Why you need to factory reset Sony Xperia?
You need to hard reset your sony set if you have encountered this kind of problem in your Smartphone Listed Below:
  • 1-You have forgotten your pattern lock.
  • 2-phone remains on Sony Logo and reboot itself.
  • 3-Phone is not responding, because the memory is full.
  • 4-You have forgotten you pin code, gmail Id, Face Id, or any similar one.
  • 5-You insert a pass code and you forgot it (all locks will be removed by this method, except Frp Factory Reset Protection will remain active after a hard reset).
Hard reset files download link:
  • Xperia E1 D2004 KitKat 4.4.2 From Here 
  • Xperia E1 D2005 KitKat 4.4.2 From Here 
  • Xperia E1 Dual D2104 Jeallybean 4.3 From Here 
  • Xperia E1 Dual D2105 KitKat 4.4.2 From Here 

(where to find flashtool firmwares folder to put tft hard reset file? read section 3 from how to factory reset tutorial)
Latest Flashtool Download Link: From Here 

Or Fellow Video Tutorial how to Hard reset Sony Via Flashtool: