How To Flash Iris Tab G7030 For Free تفليش تابلات إريس

How To Flash Iris Tab G7030 For Free تفليش تابلات إريس

You need this firmware/stock rom if you have encountered this kind of problem in your Smartphone Listed Below:
  • Hang on logo.
  • Rebooting.
  • Bootloop & Dead boot after a wrong software.
  • Virus & Sexual Apps.
  • System crashing.

How to know if the phone had a hard problem (Emmc problem)??
  • What is Emmc problem? also called read mode only,  it means that your internal memory doesnt accept command, so the phone stay on the same condition after a software or a hard reset.
  • If the phone hang on logo after flash, you ara facing Emmc problem.
  • As a precaution you shouldn't change setting in SP flashtool from Download only to format+download, you will end with a dead phone if you have a Emmc problem ofcourse.

  • Tablet must be fully charged.
  • this guide is just for Iris Tab Intel models.
Download Area:
Original Firmware g7030 (الفلاشة الرسمية): From Here من هنا
password: 360c548  

Firmware iris g7030 (فلاشة مطابقة أخرى): From here من هنا

Flash tool (أداة التفليش): From Here من هنا

Just Fellow flash process on Youtube Channel:

How to flash your Iris Tab:
Step 1: Install necessary driver from flashtool folder (for 86bits or 64bits)

Step 2: Now it's time to run the flash tool, double click on flashtool E2.exe and run with admin permission.

Step 3: Click on 3 dots (...) button

Step 4:  Select the flash files one by one
Note The selecting of firmware files must be in the below order
1-psi.fls 2-boot.fls 3-cach.fls 4-misc.fls 5-mobilevisor.fls 6-mvconfig_smp.fls 7-recovery.fls 8-secvm.fls 9-splash_img.fls 10-system.fls 11-ucode_patch.fls 12-userdata.fls.

Step 5: Don't change any setting, just keep them as default.
Step 6: Click on next button when you click on next button A new window will appear.

Step 7: Click on start Usb 1 button

Step 8: Now Connect your phone to pc using Usb cable.
download mode trick: remove battery, insert usb, then rapidly reinsret battery, phone will be detected by the flashtool (repeat this method .
Step 9: The flashing process will start automatically,it will take 3 to 5 minutes to complete, depend on phone you are flashing.

Step 10: When the flashing process is done,a success message will be shown.

Step 11: Disconnect your phone, remove the usb cable & battery, then reinstall battery & power phone on.
All Done.