The best 6 applications to download files on your smartphone

The best 6 applications to download files on your smartphone

      Everyone now has a smartphone, and most of us always need to upload a file on the Internet to his smartphone, but this process is not as easy as we find in the computer, because the latter has a set of programs that help you download the various files as quickly as possible, pause; stop; start downloading And many other features that are missing in the main application that comes with the Android system. Therefore, we decided to share with you the best  download manager applications on Android phones.

1-Advanced Download Manager
    One of the best android download applications, this application can automatically detect the download link and starts downloading it on your device, and you can use another way to download by long press on the download link and choose the download through "Advanced Download Manager".

     The application supports most browsers including Chrome. You can also download various files at the same time, back up files uploaded to an external card. Save files according to their types in a separate folder, pause loading...etc.

2-Turbo Download Manager

   This application has more than a million users at least, and it is one of the fastest download manager on Android, it can accelerate the download of your files to 5 times faster compared to using the default application in the android system. It uses multiple "HTTP" connections to accelerate download speed. It also supports any file size you want to upload, work in the background, notification when download complete...etc.

3-Download Manager for Android

     Another application is no less then the two montioned above, the application has achieved a great success in the Google Play experience, exceeding the limit of 10 million downloads. With this application you can download any file, as well as pages "HTML5" and video, has a beautiful interface and simple design to do your tasks faster .

4-Fast Download Manager
    With a special and freindly interfac,  you can control and manage all your uploaded files easily, the application comes with a special browser where you can search for any file and download it directly. It also supports any file of any size.

5-Download Accelerator Plus

   From the beautiful free applications, which has many features that make it in this list, the application can manage your downloads and organize them on your Android device, certainly the application comes with the advantage of accelerating download, it also recognizes download links automatically. Supports loading all types of files including audio files, videos, documents, programs, compressed files and others. In addition, it also supports the download feature to external card.

6-Downloader & Private Browser

    The application is over 50 million download, which is certainly a large number did not come by chance, but for the features provided by the application, especially security and privacy, as you can protect your files loaded with a password, in addition to that you can download and save any type of files in the phone memory It also supports loading more than one file at a time.