How to remote control computer from your smartphone

How to remote control computer from your smartphone

    There are many tools that allow you to manage your computer through your smartphone, and these tools can be very useful if you often leave your computer doing certain tasks while you are in another place. These tools also allow you to shut down your computer or restart it or otherwise by remotely applying it.

    Today we present a very great application that has many options for controlling and managing your computer remotely. This application called "unifiedremote". It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download any suitable version for you at the given link below.

     how to set up this remote software in Windows??, just download a Windows server from the official website link given bellow; then download the application for Android. 

    After you download and install the server, open the application on your smartphone, you will see a screen as in the picture, just click on the first option, then the phone will recognize the server running on your computer as in the picture.

    The main screen of the application comes with a set of options such as file sharing, keyboard and mouse, as well as the option to control media programs, and the other option is to control operations in process or shutdown the device as well.

     you have two options, first one free version, you can do every basic operations and manipulations in your computer from your smartphone via official application, the second is the full verion you will find more options and other operations not set in free verion. For me the free version is fair enough to do the casual control things.

Official download link (server+apps): unifiedremote